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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  February 9, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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new at 6:00, who's claiming first responders are at fault for the high death toll in the ghost ship warehouse fire. it's an extremely tragic situation. >> dangerous storm damage turns deadly. we'll explain exactly what happened on the bay area highway. >> security of our country is at stake. >> president trump responds after a san francisco court keeps his travel ban on ice. today's storm, one of the strongest of the week is winding down. you can see proof from this picture at peer 15 in san francisco. some clouds and raindrops
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remain, but for not much longer, you'll be glad to know. even though the worst of the area, it doesn't mean all the effects are over, right now, the napa river is reaching flood stage, which means it's flowing its banks. >> we have live team coverage spread throughout the bay area, our reporters have fanned out for you, to check on the impact of the weather. spencer christian has the forecast for us. >> we'll start with live doppler 7. you can see that the steadiest heaviest rain is in the southern part of the bay area, moving through the south bay now. parts of the santa cruz mountains, parts of the peninsula and east bay. even though we have showers up north over parts of the north bay. our current storm ranks three on the storm impact scale. it's a strong storm. capable of producing pockets of moderate to heavy rain. flooding risk remains high. there will be gusty winds over the hills.
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here's our forecast animation starting at 7:00 p.m. it will be starting to push out of the bay area, the steady rain will. we'll have trailing pockets of light rain and showers moving through the bay area during the late night and overnight hours into tomorrow. we have flooding concerns that will persist for a while. flash flood warnings in effect until 6:30 this evening. and up around the russian river near gurnville. flood warnings in effect until tomorrow morning at 8:30, a flood warning just expired over the area of the napa river, although it had been posted officially as being 11:10 tomorrow morning. >> thanks a lot, spencer. sonoma county once again, took the brunt of the storm, the heavy rain is causing flooding and road closures there. jonathan, some roads look like
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lakes tonight. >> it's true. we're standing in front of lake ronert. i made that up. this is the expressway, it's covered with water. we've been watching drivers come up to the edge of the water, throw on the brakes. some have been turning around, others try to make it through, and that's when things get interesting. >> add this to the long list of calls for help from drivers who got stuck crossing a flooded road. >> we had dozens in the last few days, most people take a chance, think it can't get deeper than this, and it gets deeper than this. >> as soon as we found she was under the influence of alcohol, drugs or some combination. she was placed under arrest. >> it's a different kind of trouble they're bracing for in gurnville. >> we get lots of water, buckets of water for the plumbing. where i'm add sometimes, we can't flush our toilets and stuff, it gets too high. >> after years of drought, rain is good for wine country. >> it's nice.
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it's a change. >> it makes it hard to relax. >> scared because of all the -- loose rocks, mudslides, now with wind and downed trees. >> trees like this precarious pine on river road. leaning dangerously over the roadway, crews were called in to take it out. >> and chop it up while traffic inched along in the other lane. the problem isn't so much the rainfalling now. >> it's like drizzle like the rain that was two days ago, that was ridiculous, out of nowhere. >> that rain has the ground and these workers muddy and soaked. >> working yesterday, it was brutal. yesterday was ban. all day in the mud. >> for these contractors called over from richmond, there is a bright side. >> overtime? >> oh, yeah. double time. >> now, this water's already started to recede since the rain stopped. it's 30 feet further away than it was from us just about 2 hours ago, in gurnville, they have the russian river to
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contend with, that's expected to hit flood stage just after midnight tonight. and could stay above flood stage until tomorrow evening. >> jonathan, thanks. new at 6:00, this video just in. the road was closed briefly because there was so much mud on it, it's been closed several times since the first of the year, due to slides and downed trees. it is now open once again. >> in the south bay, a worker trying to clear a mudslide that's blocking highway 17 died today when he was hit by a dump truck. another worker was hurt and sent to the hospital, david louie joins us live from santa cruz county to explain how this accident happened. >> road crews are working in heavy rain when one dump truck one of several in the area, started to back up. as a result, two people were in the way, and one was killed, the other was injure d.
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two ploys were standing by a graniterock truck. weather conditions were hostile at the time, and visibility might have been limited. the chp said both workers were wearing brightly colored safety vests. >> it had already been raining for about 30 minutes. downpour much like this, and they were going to work through the rain we were flagged down by a passerby, luckily chp was right there on scene. the medic got up here quickly, we expedited fire and ambulance. >> the dump truck belongs to hildebrand and sons. their trucks along with others, have been moving dirt from a mudslide to a dumping site. it's representative work they have been doing not only this week, but last month. a massive mudslide crashed down at the same spot on an abc 7 news van, crushing the vehicle
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and injuring a photographer inside as he drove by. it's not known if the truck had a backup beeper or a rear facing camera. graniterock said it is devastated by the death of its employee and the injury of another. it said it's not had an accident in years. the slide forced the two northbound lanes to be closed, forcing computers to use single lanes on the southbound side. >> granite rock has identified the two workers involved in this accident, killed was 54-year-old bobby gill of los gatos. injured was 33-year-old steven wit mayor. in scott valley, david louie, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. danville, diablo road has reopened. a fallen tree took down power lines before dawn on wednesday. pg&e had to replace damaged power poles. danville police shared this video of the scene on its facebook page. new drought maps were just
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released today. see that red patch near los angeles? that's extreme drought. it's about half the size it was a week ago, and currently includes less than 1% of the state. a year ago, 60% of california was that bad or worse. >> what a dramatic change had a is it. >> a massive mudslide that measured 200 yards, that's two football fields, caused extensive destruction in orinda. sky 7 was over it earlier today to give you a perspective on how big it is. at the bottom of the slide this home, which bore the brunt of an estimated 180,000 cubic foot of debris. the homeowner saw the mud crashing through his home. they feared more mud would move and bury the house. >> i was in that bathroom behind the glass blocks, and i came out, i thought, maybe it's hail. then i saw the wall of the office starting to come in at
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me, and ran downstairs. >> really scary. mud also seeped into a neighbor's backyard. ciy officials say the hillside is very unstable and they're worried today's rain will make it even more prone to more sliding. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony got inside that house, she shared these pictures and video on twitter. you can see what our reporters are finding throughout the bay area all day. >> new at 6:00, lawyers for ghost ship warehouse manager are blaming the number of deaths from last year's fire on oakland firefighters. they analyzed the same city documents abc 7 news reviewed yesterday and combined with additional information they gathered, they claim firefighters could have saved more people. the lawyers say firefighters made mistakes and had problems with leadership. the fire last december killed 36 people. firefighters didn't take immediate action after being informed there was smoke and people were trapped inside the warehouse.
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firefighters didn't use ladders to get to the second story windows. they claimed there was no attempt to rescue people before going to a defensive fire mode to put out a fire. a fire chief wasn't at their post and arrived more than an hour after the fire started. the documents abc reviewed showed firefighters arrived at the warehouse 79 seconds after the first alarm went off. abc 7 news reached out to the city of oakland and the lawyers. so far, there's been no response, we'll stay on top of this and let you know when we hear back. president trump is pledging another round in court after the ninth circuit court of appeals this afternoon, upheld a washington state judge's suspension of his travel ban. >> it's a decision that we'll win, in my opinion, very easily. >> that was audio of the president talking with the reporters inside the white house. president trump also tweeted, see you in court. the security of our nation is at stake. the washington state attorney had a response for that. >> we've seen him in court
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twice. and we're two for two. >> the president's order temporarily banned travelers from seven primarily muslim countries. the three judges announced their unanimous decision just before 3:30, it reads in part, the government has pointed to no evidence that any alien from any of the countries named in the order has perpetrated a terrorist attack in the united states. by contrast, the states have offered ample evidence that if the executive order were reinstated even temporarily, it would substantially injure the states. >> lisa is live in front of ninth circuit court of appeals with more, lisa? >> reporter: not too many people braved the elements to show their support, but a few did. one person had a sign that said no ban, no ban. and another woman from syria who just arrived two days ago, had this to say about the president and the court battle. >> i respect his point of view,
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but he judge everyone in advance without any fair analysis. and that's what hurts. >> i'm very happy that it's turned out the way it has, and i hope that the supreme court will also see the -- let this stand. i can't imagine it will rule otherwise, but we always want to have that as the decision. i'll feel much better then. >> this just in from cnn, they are reporting that the three judges on the panel have received some sort of threats and now security around them has been upped. live in san francisco tonight. abc 7 news. >> lisa, thank you. the courts ruling is 29 pages long, we've made it accessible through our abc 7 news app, so you can read the judges decision for yourself. a big change coming to almost half of all bart cars. why the plan to tackle over crowding could leave you with
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sore feet. a couple gets a call they believe is from their alarm company, but it's not. ahead on 7 on your side, how they say they got trapped in a contract and couldn't escape. next, we're live in marin next, we're live in marin county, where people were ♪ ♪ the hydrogen fueled mirai.
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you are looking at something we don't often see. empty seats on bart. the bart board voted to begin removing seats on its cars. the plan is to ease overcrowding. leann melendez explains it's a plan that you're either going to love or hate.
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>> seven seats were car, that's the number of seats bart will begin to remove. the goal is to modify 380 cars in total. that's nearly half the fleet. >> that creates a lot of space in the middle of the train for people to move about. we don't have the same choke points we used to have. >> in an area where one person sits, three people can stand instead. bart had already removed seats from 60 of its cars as part of a pilot program. some who travel long distances didn't approve. >> if you have an illness, a seat makes that easier. if you're a senior citizen, traveling those long distances, it's healthier to have a seat. >> those who live in the suburbs who travel long distances, have to park their rear end somewhere. those with shorter distances
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just want to get from point a to b quickly. dale is one of them, he hopes this will make more room for passengers. >> when there's no seats available, it gets crowded. you don't have an option sometimes. and that's where it makes the biggest difference. >> the plan is not for george gomez of el cerrito. >> you like that seat? >> yes, after a long day of work. >> the modifications should take about 2 years. the cost of the project is $2.5 million, paid for by a grant. now, let us know your thoughts on bart, add the #dear bart when you post online. back to our storm watch, it was a busy day in marin county, as firefighters and police worked to keep up with the calls.
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kate larson spent the day in marin county. >> you know, marin county emergency operations tells me that they have pages of logged calls for help, but fortunately, despite the busy day, nobody here was hurt, and the sheriff believes that's because schools were out, making roads like highway 101 behind me, which you can see is moving nicely, less congested and less prone to accidents. as the wind and rain ramped up late this morning in marin. fire departments were ready for one of the first emergency calls in mill valley. a 60 foot tree uprooted from a hillside and crashed high across morning sun avenue. destroying this wooden garage and taking out power to the neighborhood. fortunately, nobody was home or hurt when the tree fell, captain mchugh with southern marin fire department says there's often no warning when a tree falls. he advises inspecting the area around your house.
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>> if you see the ground starting to erode away, it can be a warning sign it's an unstable area. >> further north in kentfield, the high tide in combination with a deluge of rain turned a neighborhood street into a shallow lake. big enough for tube be off the back of a volvo and boating. >> my friend, his dad has a kayak, and when it floods like this, he brings out his kayak. >> are you having as much fun as your children? >> no. >> i'd like to be inside. >> says mom jennifer hamill, who's doing her best to entertain her children on the rainy day away from school. hamill is appreciative of all the drought curing storms, but she's had enough for this season. >> we're done with the water, it's too much. you know, we can't take any more of this. >> marin health and human services is tired of seeing kids in floodwaters, which can
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contain sewage and chemicals. kate larson, abc 7 news. >> what a day it is, or a week, in fact. >> spencer's here with when the rain may end? >> it's beginning to wind down now. here's a look at live doppler 7, you can see that up in the north bay, conditions are also quiet right now, except for light rain, that extends down through the golden gate into san francisco as well, down in the south bay, santa cruz mountains, portions of the east bay as well. we have moderate or mild heavy rainfall. we have flash flood watches in effect for the north bay, that watch will expire 10:00 tonight. south of the golden gate, it will remain in effect until 7:00 in the morning. the evening stormn the storm impact scale, with pockets of moderate or heavy rainfall. still to fall later tonight. flooding risk remains high through tomorrow. gusty wind will still continue to blow over the hills.
7:21 pm
here's our forecast animation starting at 7:00 this evening. much of the bay area at that point will only have scattered showers and light rainfall. the steady heavy rain will be in parts of the south bay, and sweeping southward by 8:00 or 9:00 this evening, we'll see the steady rain pushing completely out of the bay area. pockets of light rain and showers will follow into the early morning hours. that takes us to our next storm, tomorrow's storm which ranks one on the storm impact scale. we may see moderate showers at times. let's resume the animation at 11:00 tonight. through the morning commute we'll see pockets of light rain and showers again. widely scattered in the north bay. tomorrow evening, we see areas of rain becoming a bit more organized and widespread in the north bay, and then late tomorrow night, we'll see pockets of downpours, scattered downpours pushing through the bay area, finally going into saturday morning, we start to get clearing after about 5:00 or 6:00 a.m. >> we go to overnight conditions
7:22 pm
tonight we'll see clouds lingering and showers had lingering as well. low temperatures will drop into the low to mid-50s in most locations. a few upper 40s in most places like santa rosa and clover dale. a chance of more scattered showers, a few peaks of sunshine. low 60s in the mildest locations right around the bay and inland. and here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. once again, tomorrow's storm will be a storm of light intensity, ranking one in the storm impact scale. we get clearing on saturday, and a chilly morning on sunday. although it will warm up to mid-60s by afternoon on sunday. it will remain dry and mild through tuesday, and clouds increase on wednesday, and next thursday, our next storm comes, in rain returns. >> mcdonald's is testing out something new on the menu. >> only available in the bay area, that's b
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as you can see there is plenty of fresh powder in tahoe today. take a look at the resort from this lake tahoe camera. high winds are not safe to operate the lifts. >> let's talk about an unexpected new offering at a few mcdonald's restaurants in the bay area.
7:26 pm
>> kristen sze is here to explain. >> you remember when some south bay mcdonald's introduced the gilroy garlic fries? they were an instant hit. meet the mcdonald's crab sandwich, mix in cellry and seasoned mayonnaise, add lettuce and tomato and put it on a sour dough bun. >> it's a great sandwich, we're trying to break the mold of what a fast food restaurant can be. >> the franchisee who got the okay from mcdonald's to try out the sandwich. at 410 calories and costing $899. the crab sandwich targets a more upscale crowd which may boost mcdonald's bottom line. the chainsaw its sales drop by
7:27 pm
1.3% in the last quarter of 2016. right now, you can sample the crab sandwich at three locations in our area. lost in a contract they didn't know they were in. michael finney has a strange phone call that landed a bay area family with two security systems. >> even as today's storm winds down, the potential problems aren't over yet. >> cloudy skies above the bay
7:28 pm
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and we're looking live over the bay from our tower camera in emeriville, today's strong storm dwindles to a light one. we had rainfalling from santa rosa to san jose. the peninsula saw serious rain. as eric thomas reports. preparation and some new tech
7:31 pm
toys help people dodge the worst of it. >> in woodside, crews had to climb slippery trees to prepare with this slide on highway 84. the road has been completely shut down since the slide happened on tuesday. in this redwood city mobil home park, neighbors kept a careful eye on redwood creek. the water has receded but not the worry. >> this whole place is under water, you couldn't. >> menlo firefighters came prepared with a drone. they're keeping an eye on the build up of debris under the bridge. if that debris chokes off the flow, it could lead to standing water on west bayshore boulevard.
7:32 pm
>> we anticipate this rising considerably, it takes about three hours for the rain to make its way to this spot. >> the good news, high tide isn't until midnight, it shouldn't be a factor in the creek levels. caltrans has heavy equipment standing by to remove that debris and keep the creek from clogging and backing up to cause flooding nearby. eric thomas abc news. new delays this evening on caltrain. riders sent us this video. >> one told us the conductor ordered all on board to evacuate the train, black smoke was seen coming from the train. caltrain saw this incident as a stall. caltrain is single tracking around this disabled train between the belmont and san carlos stations. caltrans used the opportunity to send this tweet, asking transportation secretary elaine
7:33 pm
chow for federal dollars for new trains. >> a bay area couple got a call they believed came from their home alarm company. >> they realized they were locked into a new contract and getting double billed for it. >> they came to michael finney for help. >> this really surprised them. this couple was surprised to find out they had just signed up with an entirely new company. they were on the hook for hundreds of dollars. it was too late to get out of it. >> roseanne and williams thought nothing of it, when a man called saying their alarm system was due for an upgrade. >> the cost will be exactly the same. >> they assumed he was working with their long time alarm company. the technician came out. >> do you know that you have two security systems now? and i said, we have what? you mean you aren't the ones that came? and upgreated our equipment?
7:34 pm
>> no. >> turns out monitronics had nothing to do with that first call. it came from security one of los angeles. she signed a five-year agreement with a second company. >> they did it in a way that fooled me. >> roseanne called security one saying her husband had been confused. i said, he always thought that you were monotronics. the agent made it clear they were entering a new contract. security one sent them a bill, the couple refused to pay it and reconnected their service with monotronics. >> and then -- >> i thought i was going to go crazy. >> they got another bill from safe home security of connecticut. security one sold a contract to its far away company. now it wanted their money. the couple contacted 7 on your side. they felt misled into signing the contract.
7:35 pm
security one said the agent made things very clear to william on that first call. and even provided us with the recording. >> my name is anthony, i'm with security one. i'm in the verification and scheduling department. my job is to review the information on file, make sure that everything is accurate, so it looks as though here we are upgrading your current system to the new touch screen panel. >> the man knew his account information and was just arranging an upgrade. >> i believe monotronics had another outfit do their work. >> the agent did ask if william understood he was with the new company and promised to pay the remaining bills. >> i want to make sure you're aware, security one is going to be the new alarm company. and security one is not directly affiliated with the monotronics.
7:36 pm
do you understand everything i've reviewed with you today? >> it sounds like somebody bought somebody out. >> we didn't buy out monotronics. we service several home security companies over the u.s. in 2012 we serviced monotronics. >> every time we speak to a customer, we do a preinstall survey, making sure the customer understands all the terms. by following this process, we are able to ensure great customer satisfaction. >> clearly this was an attempt to poach a customer away from a rival company. >> we are upgrading -- >> we played the recording for joe, he said the agent was not clear about his intentions. >> if it had been clear, the salesman would have said, want to switch companies? here's how we do it, that's not what the salesman said. >> we contacted the connecticut company that bought that contract. after that, safe home security cancelled the agreement, a huge relief. >> seven on your side is
7:37 pm
wonderful. absolutely wonderful. >> the state bureau of security is investigating the couple's complaint. the bureau also tells us the connecticut company safe home security is not licensed to operate in california. safe home security says it's operating under a different name. and that company has a license. however, the state is also investigating the licensing client. >> now, tomorrow, i'm headed to daily city to hear your consumer complaints and questions. i'll be inside the ceremony center next to the food court or near it, from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. drop by, come by, say hello, and make sure you bring any consumer complaints, questions and paperwork, if you want to get it solved. you may also be able to ask a question live on abc 7. and, of course, at any time you can ask the same questions on social media, just post them with the #ask finney. >> people love seeing you.
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>> great call. there's a cost that comes with not telling the truth. >> the company behind five hour energy drinks just found out it added up to. and dub nation, your home for the warriors showdown saturday with the thunder. kevin durant's first trip back to oklahoma city. from the comfort of your living room.
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layoffs of nearly half the employees of a san francisco based company lead off tonight's bay area busines watch. 40% of the staff losing their jobs, this is video from the company, internal memos obtained by buzz feed, say 430 employees will be let go. 250 of them work at the company's san francisco
7:42 pm
headquarters. twitter disappointed investors today, with its latest quarterly earnings report. the san francisco company expects adjusted earnings to be half of earlier predictions. losses doubled year over year, there's some good news, daily active usage continues to increase. twitter's stock dropped 2 points, which equals 12% decline. the dow gained 118, the nasdaq went up by 32. more problems are coming to light at a medical testing start-up founded in palo aim toe. some patients weren't told their diabetes results might be wrong. this information was published today in the wall street journal as a result of public records requests. they closed their testing facilities and laid off almost half of their employees. the company that makes five hour energy drink owes millions in fines and fees.
7:43 pm
a judge in washington state ruled the company didn't provide evidence to back up its claims that its energy shots were better than caffeine. the lawyers plan to appeal. rain, rain, go away. at least for a while. here's a live look outside from here's a live look outside from our south beach camera in [crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable.
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[crying] ahhhhhhhhhh! the price you see is the price you pay, unlike cable.
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breaking news, late today, a sex scandal case against an east bay police officer came to an abrupt end. they agreed to a deferred entry of judgment as it's called. meaning black pleaded no contest to lewd conduct and providing alcohol to a minor charges. and after 15 months, every count will be dismissed with no criminal record. black is one of dozens of officers connected to jazz ming abuzzlan who is suing several police departments. an armed robber targeted a girl scout selling cookies. he approached a mother and her 12-year-old daughter selling cookies yesterday. he asked a couple questions
7:47 pm
left, returned a couple minutes later showing a gun and robbed them. >> the mother and the girl don't want to speak to anybody. they are embarrassed. they are mortified and they don't want to see this happen to anybody else. >> today a union city police sergeant presented a check for $1,000 to the mother to cover the lost cash and purchase her daughter's remaining cookies. >> we are still on storm watch. today's strong storm is moving out of the bay area now, leaving behind scattered showers. >> napa county is dealing with a mudslide and flooding. not as bad as what they expected. >> melanie woodrow shows you how they're handling it. >> napa county flooding provided spectacular sites today. here at napa creek where a park bench disappeared in the water. and the concrete dam spill way. >> you don't see this every day, that's for sure.
7:48 pm
>> a lot of water that these residents say napa county needs. many of them stopped to take pictures and video at the spill way today. >> we're willing to endure that for all the water that we're getting which we sorely need in the state. >> with the water comes mudslides like this one. >> there's a massive landslide, trees down, power lines down. pg&e is up there. >> these employees seemed outsized by the wall of mud, trees and debris. >> in the city of napa, precautions are in place like this flood gate. >> it's nice to see all our tax dollars actually working on a great project many. >> despite the soggy day in napa county, the river was expected to stay below flood stage. in napa county, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. travelers at san francisco international airport got hit with a double whammy today. the board says it all line after line of cancellations. many flights were from the
7:49 pm
northeast, where a powerful storm dumped up to a foot and a half of snow. the storm that drenched us here on the west coast also caused cancellations to oregon and southern california. now, let's get back to spencer for a check of our forecast. >> we have a storm of our own, it's beginning to wind down a bit. we have light scattered showers across much of the bay area, moderate steady, heavy rain in the south bay, just south of san jose, and our evening storm ranks three on the storm impact scale. a storm of strong intensity, it may continue to produce pockets of moderate to heavy rain. now, let's move ahead to our next storm, which comes in tomorrow, it will be a storm of light intensity, ranking one on the storm impact scale. scattered showers, may eastbound have moderate showers at times. weather advisory is in effect until 10:00 tomorrow night. may see 6 to 10 inches of new snow. and a winter storm warning is in effect for the lake tahoe area
7:50 pm
and beyond. we expect one to two feet of snow above 8,000 feet. winds will reach 150 miles an hour. meanwhile, back in the bay area, here's the 7-day forecast, light storm tomorrow. a string of dry days through next wednesday and the next rainfall will come next thursday. thank you, spencer. >> they're going to have to put in a turnstile at the coach's office. >> i know. rick is in for larry with more. >> this is to make the 49ers great again? at least try. >> the 49ers introduced a new head coach. kyle shanahan takes over in santa clara. santa clara. when we come
7:51 pm
santa clara. when we come ♪ ♪ when you find something worth waiting for, we'll help you invest to protect it for the future. financial guidance while you're mastering life. from chase, so you can.
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(voand exceptional customerity pre-ownservice,les... head t to your neiborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... flip your thinking about buying your next one. anything with a screen is a tv.
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stream 130 live channels. plus 40,000 on demand tv shows and movies, all on the go. you can even download from your x1 dvr and watch it offline. only xfinity gives you more to stream to any screen. click, call or visit an xfinity store today to learn more. or, get started with this great offer. the 49ers today officially introduced kyle shanahan as the 20th head coach in franchise history. the falcons offensive coordinator is being asked to bring back to life a team that won two games last season. >> i've pumped to be back, i've always wanted to be a head
7:54 pm
coach. to be a head coach in san francisco. a place i have a lot of memories for, makes it that much special. >> watching you and john lynch together, it's like neither one of you cares who gets the credit. usually that's when you're winners. >> that's what was important to me, i tried to -- people think a lot of coaches are just trying to be a head coach, and that's definitely a goal of mine, i definitely wasn't trying to do it to do it, when jed gave us the opportunity to come in here together and get on the same page and meet together before we did this, it was a special opportunity. >> you knew kyle as a broadcaster, when you first met, did it click automatically? >> we've known each other for quite a while. i played for his dad in 2004. i see a guy who's incredibly smart, incredibly innovative, he puts his talent in the best position to be successful. he doesn't say this is my scheme, everyone has to adhere to it, what do we have, and i'll make a scheme to highlight and
7:55 pm
maximize everyone's potential. i think that's what great coaches do. the more we talked, the more we realized we saw football in a similar light. >> the quarterback position as you know you're only as good as your quarterback, you have three unsigned and colin kaepernick can opt out. talk about colin first, and then that situation, you have to get that taken care of. >> you have to get the best option out there. everyone wants the best quarterback available, and there's a bunch of ways to go about it. i haven't studied colin since he was in college. i know he's done a bunch of great things in this league, i look forward to watching a lot of film on him, and trying to develop an opinion on him. you have to figure out what the best decision is immediately. >> how does that sound, head coach of the san francisco 49ers, kyle shanahan. >> it's dinner for me, but i'm extremely excited about it. >> we're excited to have you here, congratulations. >> thank you, i appreciate it.
7:56 pm
>> now to hockey, after blowing a late three goal lead, the sharks were trying to bounce back tonight in boston. despite blizzard conditions, the game still went on in the garden. at least the bruins came out ready to play. 52 seconds in. later in the first, joe thornton who was drafted by the bruins ties it up, going top shelf, for just his fourth goal of the season. boston answers with two more goals in the period. patrice bergeron cleans up the loose puck. david pasternak scores with the one timer. the bruins go on to win 6-3. the sharks have lost three straight. the at&t pebble beach proam got underway today. tee times were moved up an hour to try to avoid the storms. they still couldn't finish play. >> four time tournament winner phil mickelson with the nice
7:57 pm
birdie here out of the bunker, playing the monterrey peninsula course, he's one under through 17 holes. the crown prince of pebble bill murray leaves nothing to chance with this putt. it's in the hole. jordan spieth was on the monterrey peninsula course. spieth only managed to get in 16 holes, he's one back of the leaders. rick lamb fired on spy glas shares the lead with joel diamond. rain suspended play with much of the field still on the course, they hope to complete the first two rounds tomorrow. >> there is about a 60% chance of rain tomorrow in monterrey, crosby weather is back. spencer is working on that. >> doing what he can. >> thank you, rick. join us tonight at k89 00 on kofy-tv 20. the massive crater growing at one of the state's biggest reservoirs. fixing this pothole won't be
7:58 pm
easy. president trump says, see you in court. he's vowing to fight the decision on his travel ban. it's tgit night. "greys anatomy" followed by "scandal" and "how to get away with murder." >> for spencer, rick, all of us, we appreciate your time, we'll see you at 11:00.
7:59 pm
8:00 pm
if elway had had any of the receivers like a jerry rice, we'd have five super bowls. we would. (beep) huh? coffee. let's get coffee. a big double shot for you-- keep you up all day. yay, coffee. okay, daddy, i'm gonna have this today and two marshmallow peeps, and that's all, if i'm good. it's good to set goals. hey. morning.


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